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What the Surety is Signing Away – How Businesses Reduce Lending Risk

Lenders try by all means necessary to protect their business interests, as indeed they are operating a business which needs to make profit and secure jobs for its employees.

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Bond Attorney – Understanding Their Role In The Process Of Buying Property

There are various actors involved when an immovable property is sold, purchased and transferred to the new owner. Estate agents, the seller, the purchaser, the home loan lender, transfer attorneys, bond cancellation attorneys and bond registration attorneys etc. 

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Home Loan – With Extra Effort, The Self Employed Can Qualify Too

The income that different people get periodically comes in various forms. For some it comes as a salary per month or per week if they are formally employed, whilst for some it comes as profit in the event that they are self-employed. 

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Here Is What You Need To Know About Transferring Property To Family Members

While many people execute Wills to bequeath inheritance (e.g assets) to beneficiaries after they pass on, there are other people who prefer superintending on the transfer of assets to their preferred beneficiaries whilst they are still alive.

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Bond Insurance - Planning Ahead To Keep the Roof Above the Head

The insurance business was modelled in response to the “WHAT IFs” which are certain probabilities in our natural everyday life. Having started catering for basic essential things, insurance now covers many interests of human concern and importance from life, property, vehicle to even small gadgets. 

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Sure of What You Hope For, Certain of Things Not Seen – Buying In A Development

Buying a property in a property development works much in the same way as the proverbial words in Hebrews 11 verse 1 defining faith. Despite having its own peculiar benefits, it is a move based on trust as the Purchaser is essentially buying a property that cannot be seen at that time and which will only be visible in future. It surely is being ‘sure of what you hope for, certain of things not seen.

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Home Loan Applications – What Speeds Up, and What Speeds Down

Buying an immovable property is largely dependent on the financial reserves available for the purchase (affordability), just like acquiring any other asset. Whilst cash purchases are straight forward and quick, purchases through home finance may experience twists and turns owing to various reasons. It is quite an involved process from application to final approval of the home loan, but certainly it is a process in which parties are in a position to lessen the hassles and not cause delays.

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Offer To Purchase – Getting It Right The First Time

Although it is difficult to avoid disputes when different parties interact, there are a number of ways in which some of these can be reduced if not totally eradicated. 

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When Exactly Do Suspensive Conditions in OTPs Become Effective?

Parties involved in immovable property purchase transactions always hope that the transactions will be completed without any glitches.

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