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Homeowners Should be Bracing for Hiking Interest Rates

South Africa's interest rate hike has been a topic of much discussion among economists and consumers alike. The recent increase in interest rates by the South African Reserve Bank has sparked a wave of concern and speculation about the impact it will have on the economy and individual households.

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Trying to Obtain a Home Loan? Our Bond Originators Can Advise You

Phoenix Bonds is a leading home loan advisory service provider in South Africa, offering expert guidance to clients seeking to finance their dream home.

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What to Expect from the Housing Market in 2023

The South African housing market has seen a period of strong growth over the past two years, with low interest rates and a strong demand for property driving sales and pushing up house prices. However, this boom is beginning to cool off as interest rates rise and the cost of living continues to increase.

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Instant Cash Loans – Be Weary and Avoid the Debt Trap

Instant loans, also known as payday loans, have become increasingly popular in South Africa as a way for individuals to access cash quickly and easily. However, with the rise of technology and the internet, it has become easier for scammers to target unsuspecting individuals with unsolicited loan offers via SMS.

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2023 – What’s in store for interest rates?

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meets six times a year to set interest rates and battle inflation. Economists’ projections can be varied, but the result is typically in the middle. A collection of estimates across the industry has allowed the team at Phoenix Bonds to put together an “average” interest rate forecast for 2023.

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