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Three insurance policies to consider when applying for a home loan

When selecting insurance policies, you shouldn’t just be concerned with your premiums. It’s more important to know your excesses, exclusions, and potential payouts. A tailor-made and flexible policy will ensure that you are only paying for the things you need.

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Why Banks Avoid Repossession when you Default on Your Home Loan

If you default on your bond repayment, your bank can potentially repossess your house and sell it to recover the money that you still owe to them. However, there are some very sound financial reasons why the bank will avoid doing this.

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Does Property Location Affect My Interest Rate?

When it comes to your home loan application, geography matters. Banks have an area classification risk rating that is factored into the customer’s overall risk assessment. The outcome of this risk assessment is what determines the price of your loan, or the interest rate the bank will offer you.

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Self-Employed? Preparing a successful Home Loan Application

Self-employed home loan applications are notoriously more difficult to get approved than other types of applicants – but they don’t have to be. In many instances, self-employed purchasers can afford the bond… it’s just about knowing what documents are needed. Understanding what the banks require and why is the best starting point for applicants.

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Three Ways To Access Funds Using Your Home Loan

You can access funds from your existing home loan in different ways. Your decision would depend on your personal circumstances and financial goals, but here are the three ways in which you could use your bond.

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What Mortgage Bond Can I Afford?

The banks’ criteria for the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) depends on the applicant type. LTV is the loan amount offered by the bank, divided by the purchase price of the property.

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What to look for when comparing Home Loan offers

It’s great to have a selection of home loan quotes to choose from. You can save yourself significant amounts of money in the long-term by choosing the best home loan quote. But how do you determine which one is the best?

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How do interest rates affect inflation? And why does it matter?

There are many things to look at when purchasing a property, but the first step is knowing what you can afford. Our bond originators will assist with a prequalification or affordability assessment free of charge.

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Against The Grain - Where The Hype Of The Time Is

In the past two years it has been opined that due to the economic slump caused by the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, the property market will also not be spared in seeing lower sales.

While that cannot be denied in some quarters, there have been significant sales encountered in some areas in the South African property market. Of course, this is a classic case of going against the grain as any other market was expected to experience lower sales that those actually realised. 

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Is A Flexi/Access Bond The Right Option For You?

“Dear Phoenix Bonds, I am encouraged by the excellent and warmly service that my nephew says he received from you. I am writing to you because I have also decided to utilise your services in purchasing my first immovable property. However, may you kindly assist me to understand what a Flexi/Access Bond facility is? Thanking you in advance.

Adriaan, Bedfordview

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