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Understanding Your Credit Score - And How It Is Calculated

What is a credit score? A credit score, also known as a credit rating, is a number that reflects the likelihood of you repaying money you want to borrow. Lenders like banks and credit card companies will look at your credit profile and calculate your credit score based on that information as well as their own, which will show them the predicted level of risk in lending to you.

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Turnkey vs Plot & Plan Developments – Know the difference

It’s great to move straight into a newly-built home with brand new furnishings and fittings. But it’s also important to understand the benefits and risks involved with the different types of developments, particularly if you are looking to finance the property with a mortgage bond. How do you determine which one is the best for you? Read on to find out.

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Applying for a mortgage as a Non-South African Citizen

You don’t need to be a South African citizen to buy property in South Africa. You can apply for a home loan as a foreigner directly through one of our experienced mortgage brokers. Working with a mortgage broker allows you to apply once and receive multiple offers at all the main South African banks. The best news – our services are totally free of charge.

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Self-Employed? Preparing a successful Home Loan Application

Self-employed home loan applications are notoriously more difficult to get approved than other types of applicants – but they don’t have to be. In many instances, self-employed purchasers can afford the bond… it’s just about knowing what documents are needed. Understanding what the banks require and why is the best starting point for applicants.

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