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Homeowners Should be Bracing for Hiking Interest Rates

South Africa's interest rate hike has been a topic of much discussion among economists and consumers alike. The recent increase in interest rates by the South African Reserve Bank has sparked a wave of concern and speculation about the impact it will have on the economy and individual households.

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Trying to Obtain a Home Loan? Our Bond Originators Can Advise You

Phoenix Bonds is a leading home loan advisory service provider in South Africa, offering expert guidance to clients seeking to finance their dream home.

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Why Using a Bond Originator Takes the Hassle from the Hustle

More and more South Africans are opting to utilise the services of Bond Originators owing to the numerous benefits that are presented by their services.


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Avoid Doing This When Your Bond Has Been Approved

The approval of a Home Loan definitely comes with a priceless feeling of relief and security on the part of the consumer. For most, it will be a journey ending in tears of joy following tears of pain caused by numerous application rejections brought on by stringent criteria from financial institutions.

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